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In the United Arab Emirates, intricately woven antiquity and modernity, luxury and practicality , a fairy tale and reality , following strainnym tradition and innovation. Europeans and people from other countries , attracted by good conditions for life and business are willing to buy real estate here . According to experts, in the next ten years, the demand for real estate in the United Arab Emirates will exceed supply .

Living and working in the UAE

UAE foreigners to obtain citizenship is extremely difficult. For this non-Arab citizens must live in the country for at least 30 years of age. However, when buying property in the UAE to the owner and his immediate family ( spouse , unmarried minor son and daughter ) issued a so-called residence visa valid for three years , that at the expiration of this period could be extended . Obtaining a visa usually takes one to two weeks .

To keep from being deceived, need to know that resident visa can only be obtained after the final registration and registration of the transaction. If you offer to apply for a visa at the stage of making contributions or housing , you can be sure that before you crooks.

Keep in mind that the official religion of the UAE - Islam. A person who has violated the law , based on Islamic traditions, are expelled from the country. Therefore, the drinking of alcohol in public places, and especially in the transport of driving while intoxicated is better to abstain. Also, do not appear on the street in a tight-fitting clothing or calling (this rule is especially true for women). Each emirate laws may differ slightly .

To get a job is only possible if the labor card , which can be obtained only holders of a residence visa .

Because of the hot climate in the UAE working day lasts from 8:00 to 14:00, and after the break - from 17:00 to 20:00.

The development of foreign business and investment helps the state . For example, a foreigner can register a company in one of the eleven free zones , getting your company to its full ownership without the involvement of local partners. Personal income employees are not taxed , as well as import and export of goods and services of such companies . Check-in each of the free economic districts have their own characteristics .

Education in the UAE

Education has long been an important activity of the UAE government . Along with the public schools , where instruction is usually in Arabic , there are private. They often attended by children of expatriates. The UAE is not only Russian , but also English, French, Japanese school.

Among the compulsory subjects - Arabic , which is taught everywhere. Muslim children can attend lessons of Islam. Education is most often conducted in the English language .

All schools have programs to receive a bachelor's degree . Therefore, your child's education will meet international standards.

Higher education in the UAE is at a high level. There are a lot of representations of international universities. Most often, they learn to foreigners , because many of the local universities are open only to UAE nationals . Education in the international higher education is mostly in English , so you must pass the test on the systems TOEFL or IELTS. Education at these universities will be much cheaper than in universities in America , Europe or Australia.

Real estate prices

Since 2006 , when the UAE allowed foreigners to buy property in full ownership , the demand for it is growing. The highest property prices in the UAE have been recorded in 2008 , but the subsequent global financial crisis has led to their downfall. Prices fell luxury apartments and villas, but the cost of housing for the middle class thanks to government support remained the same .

Real estate prices in the UAE are dependent on many factors: the emirate in which the facility is located , the viability of the project, its distance from the sea, the view from the windows, area . For example, in the largest emirate of Dubai square meter of living space costs an average of about 3,000 dollars. The emirate of Ajman price per square meter is about 1700 dollars. When buying on the secondary market per square meter of living space will have to pay from 3,500 dollars.

The most valuable property is located in the emirate of Dubai , and having access to the sea and located on the famous man-made island Palm Jumeirah. On this island, all the villas have their own private beaches. This villa is not worth less than one million dollars. Also very popular among our countrymen is the real estate under construction in the Dubai Marina . Here you can buy and a villa with a large plot of land and apartments .

In other emirates demand for real estate and prices are much lower. Square meter will cost about 1300 dollars.

Very profitable to buy real estate under construction , as after the completion of the project cost could increase by 70 %, and in some cases - even at 150%. Average construction time is two years. Due to the crisis the speed of erection of new buildings fell . But all the same objects being completed , especially in the Emirate of Dubai, which is prohibited by law in the construction of a break of more than three months.

Also always in high demand in the UAE are commercial premises , particularly retail and office . Their value depends strongly on the Emirate and the region in which they are located, but on average exceed the cost of accommodation for 50 or even 80%.

Buying a property in the UAE

Execute documents for the purchase of real estate in the UAE is quite simple. However, be prepared for the fact that each emirate nuances. But in most cases, the procedure goes as follows .

First, select the object you want to purchase. If you buy a property from a developer , be sure to check that it has the right to sell her to foreigners. Next you need to execute the contract of sale, which should be taken seriously , it was such it reflects all the terms of the transaction . It is usually within two or three days. At the signing of this agreement will have to pay a deposit (usually in the amount of 10% of the property value) . When the first payment only document that you need - is a passport.

After this property is registered in the Land Department in your name. If you buy a property in the secondary market , it is necessary to pay for the re-registration of the Land Department 2% of property value.

However, not all the emirates sell real estate in the property to foreigners. For example, in the emirates of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi can only buy property to rent for a limited time ( from 25 to 99 years).

Accommodation in the UAE can also be purchased on credit. Each bank that provides mortgage services , their conditions. However, the general insurance is a necessity of the property you want to buy. Under this option, purchase registration of all necessary documents takes much more time (the minimum time - 10 days.)

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