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- rental, commercial properties and related investment properties.

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The advantage of buying a property in this country is the fact that more than half of the population is fluent in English , as it is considered the official .

Ability to explain simply - this is important in everything. No need to suffer for the night or to learn a new language . Even if Spanish, according to experts , is simple, but the majority of Russians are taught from childhood not his, and the English . Another advantage of doing business in this country - to win a bureaucratic monster is very simple: you just need to go to the minister and to discuss with him the question

Belize is slightly reminiscent of a small town . His bank ( visionary ) the laws of the State gave a distinct advantage when it comes to banking confidentiality. According to experts , when in many countries, bank account under attack, they are safe. Belize is often referred to as top- haven for retirees.
Program countries offer attractive incentives for retirees living. Especially for those who want to relocate .

Besides the fact that Belize - it's just really beautiful. The natural beauty is fascinating : deserted beaches , blue clear water . Here in the wild live scarlet macaws and jaguars .

Cellular communication used by more than 160,000 users ( these data are for 2009) ;
Above average telephone system ;
In the big cities and in turmestah Internet cafes are becoming more popular and in demand .

Real Estate in Belize : Where to keep an eye
Cayo Ambergris
It is the largest island in Belize. In length it is 25 miles , approximately and in width. The only city - San Pedro. It became popular about thirty years ago, among the people who are fond of fishing and diving. Since then the unique barrier reef .

Corals in this place is amazing. Miracles of life supports a dizzying array of marine life , this is what is the main reason why the island has experienced incredible growth in popularity in recent years.

Previously, San Pedro was a small fishing village that served tourists looking for adventure. They came here to practice deep- sea fishing or scuba diving . At the time, the main means of transport ( motorized ) at this city were golf carts . Today the city is the second largest in Belize. Its population is more than 12 thousand people.

real estate options
The main variants of the property you offer in this city.
A small apartment with one bathroom and one bedroom . Repairs are needed . The first floor . Nine-storeyed house . Nearby is the runway of the island. The cost of 100 thousand dollars.
House with two bathrooms and three bedrooms is located in San Pablo. There is cable TV, air conditioning and internet access. In addition, there is a pool and patio. Total area - 134 sq.m. The cost of 197,500 dollars.

It is a long peninsula , which consists of several ( three) of settlements. The most northerly - is Maya Beach. There are a lot of restaurants and hotels, there are also a few grocery stores.

Saint- Byte - a village which is in the middle of the peninsula. In the southern part of the peninsula lies the village Plancheniya . By area, it is about the same as Saint - byte flowing with basic life .

Real estate options on the peninsula
A two-storey house is located on the waterfront in Maya Beach. There are two bedrooms and two baths , a boathouse , a pool and a large garage. There is insufficient space for temporary residence and permanent . The cost of the house is 229 thousand dollars.

Apart from the national protected land, Belize does not impose any restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreign nationals .

Benefits for pensioners
Belize - it's one of the best places for retirees, because for them there are some interesting programs. The program qualified pensions exempt a category of people from all income taxes , which are derived from sources outside the country. No matter what income will be : passive or earned .

To use this program , do not necessarily have to be of retirement age or retired . Yet it is worth noting that the age limit is, the person must be over 45 years old . Another condition is necessary to prove that you have sufficient resources to obtain a monthly income of more than two thousand dollars. There are a few requirements , they are not particularly serious . To preserve the status should be carried out in the country at least one month a year .

Apart from the fact that under this program the person receives tax benefits , it has the ability to import free of duty a number of BytTekhnika for personal use, as well as a boat or a plane and cars for a total of fifteen thousand dollars.

The citizens who came to the country program QRP, for the purposes of banking are considered non-residents , so they have the right to open an account in dollars in the local or offshore bank in the country. They can be ( formally ) to engage in paid work , as long as the majority of their activity ( business ) outside of this state and is carried out only with the Belize nerezidetnami . This is important for foreign nationals who want to pursue a consulting business from Belize . So pensioner can own a business in this country

cost of living
A country like Belize, refers to not the cheapest country , but you can still live here for reasonable money .

Consider the example of a monthly budget for two
House for rent ( unfurnished ) you have to pay $ 400 a month for electricity (if no air conditioning ), you must pay $ 80 for water and gas supply to pay $ 25 . Cable TV ( in one channel ) will cost about $ 20. Internet " leased " ( a deposit of $ 500 ) would cost about $ 80. Products a month - from 150 to 300 dollars. Various restaurants - U.S. $ 130. The maid and gardener (about 50 hours a month). For incidental expenses of approximately $ 170 per month. A total of 1.5 dollars.

Foreign citizens are taxed only on the income they receive in this country. The income tax rate is 25%, for the residents of Belize the first 10 million in revenue for the year are not taxed. Note that retirement income is also not taxable.

To get a permit , a person must be in the state for 183 days or more during each year (calendar ) . The country lacks a progressive scale of taxation. 12.5 % of the sales tax . It is already included in the price of the purchased object .

Note that buying real estate, you will need to pay tax on its transfer . The tax is 10%, plus 2% takes counsel , including the costs (court ) . Typically, the buyer pays approximately 12.5 % for the cost recovery of the total project cost. Property tax depends on the type of property. The minimum tax - 1% of the cost ( estimated ) . Now in this state on capital gains are not taxed.
Provided tax benefits outweigh the eyes of Retired Persons ( wealthy ) is not even the best climate . Low cost houses , the ability to engage in fishing ( deep ) and diving - all this is attractive to tourists strong 45 years who have decided to change the situation and to retire.

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