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Here you will find the detailed information about real estate purchasing in Belgium:
- the right way to choose the property and to effect the deal;
- property taxes and duties that should be paid;
- everything about home loans in Belgium;
- home property management and renting;
- rental, commercial properties and related investment properties.

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In recent years, the capital of Belgium - Brussels, was named "capital of Europe" : after all, are located here EEC Commission, NATO headquarters and many international representation. Buying a property in Belgium is a profitable investment , as further political and economic development of the country will inevitably entail a rise in house prices . And it's not even the fact that construction in the country, especially in the capital , is a very large scale , so you have the opportunity to purchase a property here in both the primary and the secondary market.

Living conditions and education

Those who buy property to settle in Belgium, can be in a good envy. This - the country for those who want to live a quiet , unhurried and measured life . Yes, and career opportunities and open a business here is more than enough.

If you decide to buy a property in this country to move to a residence permit as a family, then after three years , if you have a stable job or a business , get a residence permit , and four years later - citizenship. But even before that , if you have a business visa and own property , you can enjoy almost the same rights as the citizens of the country , except for the opportunity to vote in the election. You are provided with free education official languages ​​(German, French, Dutch ) , and the right to send their children to kindergarten or to school without paying tuition. In Belgium, a fairly high income tax, but that it is made basic pension contributions . As a result, many retirees after leaving work can significantly improve their quality of life .

Buying real estate business

If you plan to buy a property earmarked for the opening of the business , it is important to remember some of the nuances .

Individual business programs for foreigners in Belgium not. Register your own business even encouraged by national authorities , if you put money into its economy and provide jobs to local people.

For the first three years, a small business owner , regardless of the field of activity is exempt from paying taxes. In the future, they make up about 30 % of the annual revenue of the firm. In the first three years, you only need to pay utility bills and the cost of doing business. In addition, it is imperative that you have a bank account in Belgium and a new insurance company.

One of the most lucrative forms of advertising is to place the theme of your blog on the site or banner ad on the website of another company , for example, when opening a cafe you can get a promotional agreement with a travel company .

If you decide to open a travel agency , a profitable investment is to buy business property in the resort area of Belgium - a small hotel or a chalet-style houses .

Suffice it can be a profitable business and the purchase of a small bistro or cafe . When you purchase this type of real estate you will not only get a room for the start of their business, but also housing, which is traditionally located on the second floor. It is not necessary to open a cafe that is European cuisine. Belgians are happy to get acquainted with Russian dishes. The only "but" your chef must have a proven local authority certificate .

In Belgium, the government pays much attention to health care services . Therefore, the acquisition of premises for the opening of the medical center and even a doctor's office you can expect to receive a government loan and partial reimbursement of the cost you purchased real estate. All professionals working for you will have to obtain certificates confirming a local higher education institutions.

It is also possible to buy a ready-made company : that is, the registered firm and facilities that meet your goals. The most frequently exposed for sale stores , car washes and small service centers, restaurants and cafes .

The process of buying real estate

Recently, the country as a whole , and especially in Brussels , which has become the European capital , there are very high rates of construction. The absence of a housing shortage can save quite a low cost apartments and houses. However, the Belgians are very reluctant to leave their habitual homes and apartments , so still easier to buy housing in new buildings or in the process of building a house. The price of real estate under construction in Belgium will increase significantly by the end of construction, but you will get it at a low cost.

Currently, you can buy a property at significantly lower prices than in neighboring European countries : the cost of 1 sq. km. m is an average of 1,000 euros . In the center of Brussels, the price per square meter. m can be greater - from 2000 euros. In other cities of the country real estate prices much lower : from 35 000-4500 0 euros for one bedroom apartment and from 50000-70000 euros for a private home.

Full registration of all documents , from selecting the object and to get the keys from the house or apartment , it takes no more than two or three months.

Once you have decided on a property , prepared a preliminary contract and the owner shall be paid 10% of its full value. The money is transferred to the account of a notary, and not the owner . If during the inspection there are any legal problems and the deal is canceled , the money will be refunded to the purchaser in full.

Notary takes not only a review of the real estate on the absence of court cases or outstanding commitments for the project , but also makes the final contract and produces certified land management. After preparing all the necessary documents buyer takes into account the notary remaining 90 % of the cost , as well as the registration fee in the amount of 12.5%.

The money comes at the expense of the seller only after the signing of the final contract .

When buying property in Belgium, foreign citizens are given the opportunity to take a mortgage in the Belgian bank. You can get a loan if you have documents proving that it is able to pay 40% ( including a 10 % prepayment ) of the total value of the purchased home or apartment.

Documents prepared for credit by your solicitor. Credit is given for a period of ten to thirty years with very low rates , from 3.5 to 6%.

In the event that the bank refused to issue you a loan , 10% advance payment for the purchase of real estate is fully refunded .

As you purchased the real estate you can live by yourself or take a house or apartment for rent. It is also possible resale of the house, even to the end of the term of payment of the mortgage.

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