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The opportunity to buy property in Austria appeared relatively recently. This country is attractive not only for its landscapes , but also the economic and political stability, high level of social protection.

A few words about the benefits of buying real estate in Austria

Real Estate in Austria - Salzburg in Austria house purchase by foreigners - the procedure is complex , which has a number of limitations and nuances. But after going through all the necessary stages and owning a property here , you certainly will not regret the choice . The Benefits of Buying Real Estate Austrian obvious: you can greatly improve their quality of life.

Austria is interesting both for permanent residence for a short rest - most of the country is located in the Alps , and thus tourism is well developed (especially alpine) . The level of economic development, security and stability allows us to speak about the suitability of the Alpine republic for permanent work and life of people with the most demanding requirements of the country of residence.

The standard of living in Austria in many ways comparable with Switzerland , but the price is slightly lower. In Austria there is no undeveloped land or derelict buildings. The entire infrastructure is highly developed , the laws do not exist formally, but in practice , landscaped areas . This state is created with care for its citizens . Buying property in Austria, you will be confident in the future , without fear for their children's education . Austrian formation of a relatively high level and low prices. A wide range of institutions of higher education makes it possible to get any profession , the diploma is obtained here will be quoted throughout the world. There is an entire state program to support young families , including families and foreigners. For example, in kindergarten or school, your child will be able by the state to engage with the Russian language teacher to keep the native language .

Austria - a real triumph of peace and stability. Buying real estate in this country - an excellent choice for those who prefer a regular life and confidence in its future.

Business in Austria - it's just

If you want to move to this country for permanent residence, perhaps you will think about how to start a business there . Here are for sale enterprises of different levels in different industries. It may be small cafes , shops, hair salons, providing a small but steady income , or rather large retail or manufacturing business, organization, business hotel with good connections . Quite often you can find on the market of the "family " of business in connection with the retirement of their respective owners. A large number of business brokers in the country will ensure holding of the sale at the highest level.

The process of buying real estate in Austria is done by a notary. The most time-consuming process is thus an analysis of the market and the company's choice to purchase.

When buying a business, you must provide a plan for the development of the company and to demonstrate their ability to manage . Office business can engage the owner and hired manager or management company. It is important to remember that the entire personnel of the company will be relatively expensive , and the system of taxation in the Alpine republic , too, "eats" a significant portion of revenues.
Holidays for everyone

Real Estate in Austria Alps - one of the most beautiful European countries , favored by tourists from all corners of the earth .

The culture of this country - a striking mix of German, Hungarian , Czech , north Italian traditions ( these peoples were once the backbone of the Austro -Hungarian Empire) .

For those who are interested in art , no doubt , will be an attractive capital of Austria - Vienna , where the world's biggest music festivals and sumptuous balls .

Fans of extreme sports will love the ski resorts in Austria, of which a great many - for every taste and wallet size . Rest and relaxation at numerous high mountain lakes and spas will be useful to those who want to improve their health .

Picturesque and multi-faceted nature of this country , coupled with excellent living conditions makes buying property in Austria is very attractive.
Features of the property market

Demand for Austrian real estate by foreigners is large enough , despite the fact that there are a number of legal restrictions. Many of the bills are designed to avoid speculation in real estate . That strict laws and high property taxes are a guarantee of the stability of this country. Order, safety and care of people in Austria are fundamental . Therefore, if you want to buy property in this country , be prepared to undergo certain stages of the procedure.

All purchase and sale of real estate must be approved by the authorities , so you need to get permission to buy property in the local municipality. This procedure is required for both residents of the country , and for non-residents. In this case, foreigners must specify the purpose of buying property in Austria. This is one of the main criteria by which the authorities will be given permission or refusal to conduct the transaction. For example , a farm in Tyrol can buy only the farmer who will be required to contain at least 5 cows. In other places, there are other conditions .

The scheme of sale is very clear , all the conditions spelled out in the law. All real estate transactions are made by a licensed attorney and notary. In accordance with the law when viewing objects you sign a separate contract for each object , which shall include information such as the address , price and characteristics of the object , date view , the information about the customer , the cost of realtor services ( remuneration as a realtor in law and is fixed 3.6% including VAT) .

Trading is recorded in writing . You are officially offer a price, in response to the owner of the object or gives consent ( in writing ), or offer your own version price.

Payment for the property is made through a lawyer. He shall notify the seller of the receipt of money, but takes the money to the owner of the object after the deal was approved by the authorities and making changes to the Land Registry . The authorities may refuse to carry out the transaction, in which case the money back to the buyer for the property except for the payment of attorney , realtor and notary . If before viewing properties you consult with a qualified lawyer , this risk can be avoided.

The implementation of the transaction , together with the consideration of the documents can take from 3 to 12 months.
Real estate prices in the Republic of Austria

What is the value of confidence in the future ?

Throughout Austria property price is almost the same , but the choice of location is very important. The country is divided into nine separate land ( with a fairly large degree of autonomy rights) , which is subject to certain laws , including those governing the procedure for purchase of real estate by foreigners.

Property prices in stranestabilny and rising very slowly , with an average of 3-5% per year.

Rent for office space in Vienna is about 100 euros a year per square meter. It's nedogoro for the city, which leads to different rankings for the standard of living for the past few years.

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Latest offers for sale of real estate in Austria:

Beautifully located family home in Austrian countryside of Styria, near to Ilz. Beautifully located family home in Austrian countryside of Styria, near to Ilz. 12 £181,500.00
Austria -Tyrol - Let your dreams come true Austria -Tyrol - Let your dreams come true 11 £490,000.00

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