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Here you will find the detailed information about real estate purchasing in Netherlands:
- the right way to choose the property and to effect the deal;
- property taxes and duties that should be paid;
- everything about home loans in Netherlands;
- home property management and renting;
- rental, commercial properties and related investment properties.

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Real property market in the Netherlands is considered to be one of the most solid sectors of the kingdom’s economy. The Netherlands is one of top five most stable countries in the EU. Most real property transactions take place in four major cities: Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. Remarkably, prices for apartments in these cities were not affected by the crisis at all. Moreover, rental charges even continued growing here, and are expected to grow further due to the high population density. In fact, it is a very good sign for investors.

According to the statistics, the average price for real property in the Netherlands is around €200 000. Except from apartments, houses located in small and silent cities are also popular here. However, considering small country area, even the most distant cities won’t be more than 100 km away from the Hague or Amsterdam. In addition, a well-developed traffic infrastructure and high-quality roads allow covering such distance in one hour.

Prices for real estate in the Netherlands have slightly reduced during the crisis, and some experts still consider them underestimated at the moment. But the situation is expected to stabilize in 2014–2015.

Prices for real estate are a bit higher here than on the average European level, but a certain price recession suggests a good opportunity to seize the moment and find a decent piece of real estate for some €120 000.

Prices per square meter for apartments in the Netherlands vary within €2300–€5050 in the centers of large cities, and €1800–€3050 in residential districts. The most expensive apartments are traditionally located in Amsterdam. Local prices amount make up €3940–€6000 per sq. m. in the downtown and €2900–€3500 per sq. m. in uptown districts. The most expensive property is located along the main Amsterdam channels.

A 35 sq. m. studio apartment in Amsterdam can be purchased for €125 000. Apartments with an area of 50–70 sq. m. may cost up to €200 000. Prices for property with an area of over 100sq. m. start at €300 000.

As for premium property, a luxurious 112 sq. m. apartment in the very heart of Amsterdam is worth €575 000. A 241 sq. m. apartment in a prestigious district with terrace area and panoramic view goes for €1 million.

Prices for houses in the Netherlands start at €200 000. For instance, a 122 sq. m. house with an interior garden, located 100 km away from the Hague and Amsterdam, costs around €225 000. A 92 sq. m. townhouse, located 5 minutes away from the beach near the Hague, can be purchased for €260 000, while a 144 sq. m. townhouse in Amsterdam costs around €400 000. A house with an area of 260 sq. m. may cost €600 000. Price for an old 800 sq. m. mansion, located 100 km away from Amsterdam goes for about €950 000.

Purchase process

Commercial and residential property in the Netherlands may be purchased by foreigners, legal entities and private individuals. The purchase process consists of several steps:
- property selection;
- execution of a preliminary agreement (Koopovereenkomst), which must be signed by both buyer and seller in the presence of a notary;
- legal review of property, agreement, and transaction by an independent lawyer;
- evaluation of property (recommended for regular purchase and mandatory in order to get a mortgage loan);
- deposit payment, according to the terms of preliminary agreement;
- appointment of the date of transaction;
- execution of a principal sale and purchase agreement, payment of the remaining amount of property value;
- real property tax and notary fee payment;
- transfer act (Akte van Levering) signature;
- submission of documents by a notary to the land register in order to obtain title of ownership.


Real estate acquisition in the Netherlands is imposed by the following taxes:
- 6 % tax for purchasing real estate on the secondary market;
- preliminary agreement (Koopovereenkomst) – 0.3 % of property value + VAT;
- transfer act (Akte van Levering) – 0.3 % of the object value + VAT;
- property evaluation (Taxierapport) – around 0.2 % of the object value + VAT;
- mortgage contract – around 0.15 % of the object value + VAT;
- bank commission for mortgage loan – 1.5 % of loan amount;
- mortgage arrangement – 1 % of mortgage amount;
- transfer tax (Overdrachtsbelasting) – 2 % of the object value;
- notary and lawyer fees – 4 %.

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