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According to the new Constitution of Cuba , the basis of the economic system is Cuba's socialist ownership of the means of production.
Currently, only a small peasant land ( for Cuban citizens) may be in private ownership.

In theory, apartments and houses owned by Cubans on the property rights . But as you see fit ( sell or give ) the Cubans are not allowed . Buying or selling real estate in Cuba, state-controlled. Moreover . In principle, there are no laws governing the Cuban citizens to the inheritance of property and protection of the rights of the owner.

If, for example , the Cuban family goes to Cuba to another country for permanent residence (for example, to relatives in America ), it rents his apartment in public housing . From which then the state provides apartments in need.

In general , the housing problem in Cuba - one of the most acute . In the former luxury of the old mansion, located in Havana and separated by partitions , live for several families. A huge part of the housing stock is in need of major repair and reconstruction due to its dilapidated state . Anyone who saw the old quarters of Havana near the sea port , will understand what I mean .

Unofficial market (buying and selling of real estate) exists. Not without it . But you must understand that no one does not give any guarantees . Not to mention the protection of the rights of property owners . That is, The principle is simple . You want to live , for example, in the apartment - pay money and to enter . And then everything is at your own risk. Swindle in its purest form.

Hangout black brokers located in Havana at : Prado, 20. However, this address is always changing.

Prices are as follows: one-bedroom apartment in a block of flats (such as "Khrushchev " ) is in the area of ​​15 000 U $ D. Although prices vary by region, the condition of the apartment , and many other factors.

In the provinces, the price several times lower. For example, in the province of a house with a small plot will cost 3000-5000 U $ D.

For the average foreigner , that is, man in the street , buying property in Cuba is almost not real. That is, even came with a suitcase of money you still will not get anywhere . The only loophole - it is possible to shelter his wife Kubinka . And even in this case, there are many obstacles. For example, the legal provenance of the money. The decision will be taken in accordance with the " revolutionary instinct ." Since according to the Cuban Constitution, " the existing housing can be transferred (sold) to legal entities and natural persons only in those cases where this transfer (sale ) of housing meets the goals of development of Cuban society , in no way undermines the bases of the Cuban socialist state."

To date there is no evidence that foreign nationals will be simplified procedure adventure called " buying property in Cuba ."

At the same time in Cuba for a long time settled foreign construction companies that invest in real estate. For example, in 2002 in Havana was completed residential area Marimar . Most of the apartments which were sold to foreign nationals. Mostly big businessmen and joint ventures . And the rest was bought out by the Cuban government for renting. The cost of one square meter in this residential area ranged from 1,200 to 2,000 U.S. dollars.

The average price of apartments was 150-200 000 U $ D. The construction of this residential area led the Spanish company " Imasantek CA ." In total, the project has invested more than 200 million U $ D. More than 100 foreign construction companies are in the queue for a license for the implementation of housing projects in Cuba.

Basically building in Havana is in the areas of Alamar , San Agustin , El electricians and Monte Barreto .

In the construction business with foreign firms operate three Cuban company - " Kubalse ", " Simex " and " Avaguaneks ." All of these Cuban companies have established joint ventures with private companies from Canada, several European countries and Israel. In just the last few years in the construction business in Cuba, these companies have invested more than a billion dollars.

Latest offers for sale of real estate in Cuba:

Lovely detached house for sell in Havana Lovely detached house for sell in Havana 6 £150,000.00

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