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Cape Verde

For a buyer of real estate - a foreign individual must present a passport .
Notarial deed of transfer of the property and a certificate of ownership of immovable property is made by a notary in the area of ​​action which the facility is located .
After the signing of the document by the seller and the buyer and authentication of their signatures notarized notary public is an act of the district court , Certidao do egisto Predial.
The judge in writing makes a change of circumstances on the project in the state register of real estate. The mark for entry is made , and in the title deed .
Before the transaction is a notary certificate ( extract) from the same register the absence of encumbrances object, ie of its purity . The certificate reflects the presence or absence of the mortgage object , the right to use the object of others , a ban on the sale, open court cases, etc. It also confirms the identity of the object specific person - seller .
Based on the selling price, determined by the amount of duty on the transaction and
notary fees . In total, they account for about 3 % .0
You can hire a lawyer , which is a power of attorney can be fully adjusted to the registration of the real estate buyer , so be present at registration is not required.
Payment takes place in several stages :
1. Booking fee of 6,000 euros or 12,000 euros per villa .
2 . A deposit of 45 to 100 % of the full value of the property on
the customer's choice .
3 . The final balance when receiving the keys.

Open a bank account may be all in the presence of the passport or other identification. This is a simple procedure .
additional expenses
Agency fees : 4 %

Based on the selling price, determined by the amount of duty on the transaction and
notary fees . In total, they account for about 3% of the purchase price .
The cost of maintaining the property
Residential taxed based on its value established for tax
to real estate. Every year up to the end of April each property owner must pay a tax of 3% of the property value. Or two parts - in April and September.

Depending on the value of real estate , public services will cost 20 to 30 euros per week.
Separately paid the cost of water and electricity.

Banks . Loans.
It is possible to buy a property under mortgage 7%.

At the moment, the most promising investment projects on about. San Vicente (Sao Vicente) and Fr. Santo Antao (Santo Antao). The fact is that today is not yet managed to gain " momentum " the new international airport in San Vicente , which restricts the flow of tourists and does not allow to fully compete on price per square meter o.Sal . But that's why this island great potential. Every year the number of tourists will rise, as many visit the nearby o.Santu Antao , who does not have an airport , but connected by a ferry . Route Mindelo Porto Novo ( Santo Antao ) takes 40 minutes.
On the islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao a low level of crime. O.San Vicente - the cradle of many musicians , poets, it has its own culture and traditions.
It has its own nightlife , independent of tourists , because the population of the island of Sao Vicente , and in particular the city of Mindelo , the second largest after the capital city of Praia .
Here, everything breathes music, dances and songs. Here is the most beautiful people of the archipelago (I think affected the presence of the main port of Mindelo, Cape Verde ) . Self-contained port of Mindelo , but beautiful city and believe that the development of tourism and construction projects will not " crush " and destroy that identity and flavor of the local way of life, which , alas , does not exist on the island of Sal .

Island of Santo Antao , in turn , is interesting in that in addition to the amazing scenery is lush vegetation , which can not boast of any other island .
And of course, when we were deciding on which island to concentrate their efforts , we have chosen o.San Vicente and semi-detached o.Santu Antao , who rarely leave indifferent traveler.

Two islands that will provide longevity growth in Cape Verde real estate and tourism

While Santiago (Santaigo) as a political center of the islands , and Sal (Sal) the main tourist island and the gate to the Green Cape , the islands of Sao Vicente ( SAO Vicente) and Santo Antao (Santo Antao) provide a real future Verde because of the established infrastructure SAO Vicente and stunning green valleys of Santo Antao.

Talking with visitors to Cape Verde , you will not find anyone who will not talk to you about Santo Antao and SAO Vicente and say that these islands were the best of what they saw.
In the bohemian Mindelo is all for it : cafes, restaurants , night clubs .

Green Valley Santo Antao , clouds covering the peaks - a stunning sight , most impressively . Untouched nature lost world .

Too many tourist resorts on other islands have limited the development of local towns dissolved local cultural flavor of the day and night life. But for the full experience and familiarity with the country of many tourists need to travel outside of the resorts.
And this lack of growth has already started to work on the possibility of resale in o.Sal , o.Boavishta , leaving investors without a successful " exit " from the property . G. Mindelo does not suffer from this. Historically , there has always been an economic and cultural growth around the port, and today the inhabitants of Mindelo enjoy a thriving nightlife, with plenty of places with live music , cafes , restaurants and night clubs.

Therefore g.Mindelu on San Vicente - no doubt the cultural capital of Cape Verde , what may indicate a bright annual carnival and an international music festival held every year in the village of Baia Dazh Gatazh (Baia Das Gatas). As a small island residents have a unique opportunity to have the opportunity to enjoy the life of the coastal town during the day: go to public secluded natural beaches and have a quick access to the nightlife of the cultural capital of Cape Verde - Mindelo . So we reasonably believe that Mindelo will always be a place " to see and be seen " on the Cape Verde Islands .

Volcanic crater Cova - a truly stunning area , numb with clouds in the cup and steep crevices . Unfortunately, no pictures can not convey the splendor of view , colors , emotions and feelings.

Pine ennobles the island just off the side where the project is located "CCC " , creating a unique and wonderful new environment of the world is not peculiar to the other islands . You get salvation from the beach the sun and satisfaction from the tranquility , peace and healing air . You will never forget and will never understand how it was possible Santo Antao to stay away from the other islands and to be so unique. In this case, being within sight of his "brother " San Vicente.

The island of San Vicente ( SAO Vicente) has a greater potential for investment planned over the next 5 years than any other island , and will be built at least eight international world class resorts . We are only talking about those who start construction in the next two years . The island also has a deep sea port only on the islands. Therefore, the port of Mindelo added to many routes of huge cruise ships engaged on their flights each year. In addition, a new international airport to be enforced in the summer of 2009 really excite the real estate market.

Island of Santo Antao (Santo Antao), in contrast to the other main islands , has a truly spectacular landscapes and an abundance of vegetation, and is now the island of tourists who choose eco-tourism and trekking in the mountains. This island will retain some exclusivity because of its attractions - it's landscapes and clear desire to escape from reality, you can take advantage of.

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