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Here you will find the detailed information about real estate purchasing in Australia:
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Australia - the country in recent years favor the increasing popularity of buying property abroad. Buy a house here is not too difficult , the main thing - to know clearly the laws of the country and restrictions on foreigners buying houses and apartments. In addition , real estate prices are not so high ( for those with a steady income " above average ").

An important factor for the purchase of real estate is in Australia is the fact that the economy of the country by the end of 2009 increased by 2.7 %. The increase in the pace of economic development was made possible thanks to government investment in the economy and government support for the housing market , including the allocation of subsidies and mortgage lending .

The benefits of living on the fifth continent

Those who choose to buy property in Australia, certainly sees it not only as a good investment , but also as a place of their future residence.

First of all, wanting to move to Australia draws beautiful nature and developed economy , and the magnificent eucalyptus forests will have a positive impact on the health of people suffering from diseases of the respiratory tract. Australia's climate is very diverse : you can choose to housing as subequatorial states in the north and the south - with a mild maritime climate . The only problem for relocating to live in Australia, Europeans will be the change of seasons , winter-summer . For full acclimatization in the southern hemisphere usually takes two to five years. Despite the fact that two years ago, Australia was inhabited by criminals , exiled from the British Empire, today the country is justly considered one of the safest in the world.

Russians traveling to Australia with children are important, of course, and the prospects for the formation of the younger generation. Higher education is paid, but the price for it is quite mild and are available to representatives of the middle class. Entrance examinations to institutions not. Considerable advantage is the stability of the economy. However, prices are slowly but constantly growing, so if you decide to buy a property in Australia, do not leave it for long.

Big part of Australia's population lives in most major cities : Melbourne, Sydney , Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane and their suburbs . One of the new areas to gain in popularity in recent years has become a rapidly sprawling Gold Coast. Therefore, it is in these cities and surrounding areas are the highest rate of construction and the real estate market is the most developed . Housing prices can vary quite widely, from 2-3 thousand dollars per square meter. meters in homes with an average level of comfort to 20-25 thousand dollars per square meter. meters in the homes of high comfort , equipped with heated floors , independent generators of electricity , personal gyms and huge floor to ceiling windows . Stipulate that the quoted price for such apartments and houses can be much higher: it all depends on what it is the " additional options " are present . Additional investments will require the buyer to all the " delights ". For example , the construction of a private swimming pool in the yard of the house will cost about 75-80 thousand dollars, and the planting area adjacent to the house can cost a considerable sum of 10 thousand dollars for a tree . The highest market prices for real estate in Sydney - "average" two-storey house will cost about 550 thousand dollars is considered the second most expensive city of Perth - about 470 thousand dollars

And the projected Real Estate Institute of the country , prices will still rise by an average of 5-7 % per year. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a property that is in Australia , it is better not to postpone it for a long time .
Restrictions on foreigners buying property

For foreigners in Australia - as in most countries - have some limitations on the purchase of real estate. This does not apply to citizens of New Zealand, having a " permissive Australian visa subclass 444 " - in other words they have pratkicheski the same rights and privileges when buying houses and apartments in Australia , as are the Australians .

Foreigners (non residents ) with short-term visa can buy property here only on the primary market or in the construction phase of the building. Also allowed to buy land , but with the condition that on it for 12 months, will be built residential facility , the market value of at least 50 % of the price of the plot.

Foreigners who have a visa for a period not less than one year can buy housing in both the primary and the secondary real estate market, but without the right to lease and with the obligation to reside there in person. By the time the visa expires this house must be sold.

Also, buy real estate in the secondary market in Australia can a student, but an apartment or house should not cost more than 245 thousand dollars, you can buy the item just next to the institution. When you move house must be sold. An obligatory condition is also a private residence in the purchased apartment, which is forbidden to rent .

All objects to be acquired by foreigners , must have a permit Australian Government Commission on Property FIRB. For the original purchase such permission is usually obtained by a property developer . In the case of the acquisition of property in the secondary market in Australia need to obtain such permission in person. Your application will be considered within 30 days.

If an alien denied a permit , and he has already managed to sign a preliminary contract with the selling party , he made ​​are back , and the seller can be fined a large sum to the state.

It is important to remember that the secondary real estate in Australia is considered as a house or apartment , the owner of which has never been lived in it , do not give it out , but the documents are the owner within 24 hours. Buy real estate in the primary market ( in a newly built house ) can be , paying only 10 % of the value of the house or apartment. In this case, you assume the obligation to pay the remainder of the money after the construction and delivery of the house ( breach of obligations entail fines and penalties) .

Housing choice is usually done on the internet , and then binds to the buyer as a sales manager and receives a standard contract . After signing to contribute 1 % of the cost of housing contract signed by the company-builder . Then you need to find an independent lawyer entitled to represent your interests in this particular state. In the future , all activities will be carried out between the lawyer and the lawyer of the developer . Day of receipt of your legal contract is considered to be a "zero day" operations of buying real estate in Australia. During the first five days of this period, you can cancel the contract and return the money paid , minus commission.

The contract is considered by lawyers of both parties within 14 ( or 21 - depending on the state ) days , and it made ​​the restrictive conditions , for example , the issuance of the mortgage. At the end of the 14-day (or 21 -day ) period after the final signing of the contract, the buyer makes 9% of the cost of housing at the expense of the developer .

Until the completion of your home you can withdraw from the contract , re-sell it or assign ownership to a third party . The day the Australian representative of the State Inspectorate shall issue a certificate of entry into service of your home , company-builder reports it to your attorney. After confirmation you are required to pay the remaining 90% of the value of the property or get a loan from a bank . On the same day , or you have to move into their homes , or rent it , or during the day to re-sell to another person.

All these operations can be done without your presence in Australia. However, if you need to get a bank loan , you can only make it in person. At the conclusion of the preliminary contract and payment of 1% of the amount, you must apply for a visa at the Embassy of Australia. Typically , the visa is issued within five working days.

In a personal trip , you can not only see the object under construction , but with the help of his lawyer , a contract with a bank to issue a mortgage. Bank representative must present documents proving that you have the sum of 30% of the value of real estate in Australia and permanent stable income . Under this condition on the issuance of credit are resolved within three to five days. The signature on the document assigning your relationship with the bank, placed in person.

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