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Antigua and Barbuda

Persons wishing to purchase the real estate on Antigua and Barbuda islands have to consider those advantages which accompany such acquisition. Firstly, it is fair opportunity to locate by the sea or the ocean, surrounded by a wonderful wildlife, in the atmosphere of evenness and serenity. The islands offer the most various types of the real estate: You can purchase a house, a villa, a townhouse, an apartment or any other type of the real estate on Antigua and Barbuda.

And for those who wants to live in this solar country the government constituted "The Project of Permanent Residence" as early as 1995. It is possible to receive the certificate of a permanent resident after not less than thirty days of inhabitancy on the territory of the country.

To become an inhabitant of these islands, it is necessary to purchase or rent the real estate on Antigua and Barbuda. The inhabitants who are the residents here for seven years have opportunity to receive a status of a citizen. Also in this country there are no taxes at a profit, inheritance duty and a property debt.

Antigua And Barbuda Real Estate Prices

Antigua and Barbuda real estate prices are quite high as they are calculated for well-to-do foreign customers generally. However they rely heavily on a locus. Housing property on the seashore, on the southeast side of the island of Antigua can cost about $100 000. This price also includes the telephone line and the sealed road. The land can cost $15-160 for the square meter here.

The tax on purchase of a premium real estate on Antigua and Barbuda makes 2,5 percent from the sale price, plus there is about two percent of various duties and assignments.

Purchasing process

It is quite simple to purchase the real estate on Antigua and Barbuda. The procedure of purchasing takes some weeks, the main goal for the purchaser and the agent is to obtain the authority permission for acquisition of the land. There are some restrictions for foreign nationals wishing to purchase the apartments here: the total area of a land shouldn't be more than a half of an acre. An additional permission is needed for acquisition of a bigger land plot. Documents are processed quickly, without any official red tape. The cost of 1 sq.m of a residential real estate is about $2500-2700 on these islands. It will be necessary to pay about $3 000 000 for the house of middle class of 465 sq.m. For so high-level housing such cost still the low.

It is necessary to pay to the state the duty for registration of the transaction making 20-25% of the real estate cost. It is curious that the most part of this sum is paid by the seller therefore such transaction is very favorable for the purchaser. A special permission is also needed for renting of the bought real estate.

Regarding to taxes, foreign nationals pay an annual tax from a rent, its size is 20% on a plain scale. The legislation does not provide any other taxes for renting of the real estate. Thus at renting of the real estate on profitable terms expenses pay off quickly enough. The season of the maximum inrush of tourists - from November to April, however housing has considerable demand during the other months too.

So by any definition purchasing of the real estate on Antigua and Barbuda is profitable investment. Looking ahead it is quite possible to say that purchasing of the real estate here will be an excellent business providing quite comfortable life for many years. Not to mention that sometimes each of us has a wish to plunge into an excellent world of the bright sun and the purest beaches, the crystal blue sea and glorious views.

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